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“LOOK this picture” hay “LOOK AT this picture” đây?

Don’t Say: “Look This Picture.”

Say: “Look At This Picture.”

Có rất nhiều cụm động từ – phrasal verbs bắt đầu với “look.”Hãy cùng Blueup điểm mặt gọi tên nhé!

Look at – Direct attention to something: nhìn thẳng, trực tiếp vào vật nào đó

Look for – Try to find something that is lost: tìm kiếm thứ gì đó đang bị mất

  • “I’m looking for my glasses. Do you know where they are?”

Look up – Try to find information: tìm kiếm thông tin

  • “I always look up new words in the dictionary.”

Look up to (someone) – Admire a person for their good character: ngưỡng mộ ai đó

  • “I really look up to my father – I hope to be as kind and generous as he is.”

Look down on (someone) – Consider a person to be inferior: xem xét, đánh giá thấp

  • “My boss is so arrogant. She looks down on everybody and treats us like we don’t know anything.”

Look after – Take care of: chăm sóc

  • “I’m looking after my neighbor’s dogs while she’s on vacation.”

Look into – Investigate: điều tra

  • “The police are looking into the case.”

Look forward to – Be happy about something that will happen in the future: mong đợi

  • “I’m really looking forward to our family trip to the mountains. It’s going to be so relaxing!”

Look over – Review, evaluate, check for errors: đánh giá, kiểm tra lỗi

  • “Can you look over my report and make some suggestions on how to improve it?”

Look out! – Be careful! Cẩn thận!

  • “Look out! That pan is going to fall off the stove.”

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