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600 từ vựng cho bài thi TOEIC 8

600 từ vựng cho bài thi TOEIC theo chủ đề (8) – Office Procedures

Series 600 từ vựng cho bài thi TOEIC theo chủ đề đã sẵn sàng. Lấy giấy bút lên làm bài tập cùng BU nhé 😀

Danh sách từ vựng ch đ “Office Procedures” 

84 Office Procedures

(Nguyên tắc nơi làm việc) 

appreciation   sự cảm kích
85 bring in   tuyển dụng
86 casually   bình thường, không trang trọng
87 code   quy tắc
88 expose   giúp trải nghiệm
89 glimpse   cái nhìn lướt qua
90 outdated   lỗi thời
91 practice   luyện tập
92 reinforce   tăng cường
93 verbal   bằng lời nói

Luyện nhớ 600 từ vựng cho bài thi TOEIC

1. Short conversations 

Read the following conversations and see how the new words are used

[M] I appreciate the fact that you have taken time out of your schedule to come and talk with me.

[W] I want to make sure that you understand the parctices of the company

[M] It seems difficult for other employees to give me a verbal explanation of the practices, although they definitely are familiar with them


[W] Even though the new attorney is young, she has been exposed to many difficult situations.

[M] Well, then we’ll see what she is made of at the contract negotiations next weeks.

[W] If she hasn’t run out of energy, she’ll be a definite asset.


[M] I’d like to reinforce my knowledge of finance by taking a course at the college

[W] That’s a great idea, but be careful because some of the courses are outdated.

[M] I had a glimpse of that the other night when I sat in on a course that went over management techniques of the 70s.


[W] I love our new dress code!

[M] Yeah, casual Friday is terrific.

[W] I’m glad the brought in the personnel manager who insisted on it.


2. Word Families 

noun appreciation In appreciation for your hard work, we are giving you a top-priority project.
verb appreciate We appreciate the time that you have put into this project, but we need to see more positive results.
adjective appreciated The intern felt appreciated, like a member of the team.


noun casualness Her boss was unhappy with the casualness of her manner.
adjective casual The casual atmosphere at the office made everyone feel relaxed.
adverb casually The office dress code allows people to dress casually onFridays.


verb expose As a matter of company policy, we try to expose all managers to the challenging work of telephone sales through hands-on experience.
noun exposure Exposure to the elements will corrode the container for the sensor.
adjective exposed Mr. Lee was exposed to Chinese business practices during his three-year assignment as a manager in Beijing.


noun practice He was surprised at the difference in office practices from one local office to another.
verb practice All managers are expected to practice caution in their spending until the end of the year.
adjective practical We need a practical solution to this common problem.


verb reinforce Reading the employee handbook will reinforce your understanding of office procedures.
noun reinforcement All employees need reinforcement from their supervisor.
adjective reinforceable The company dress code is reinforceable only if the managers follow it themselves.


adverb verbally No employees should be verbally reprimanded in front of their peers.
verb verbalize Well-established procedures are often difficult to verbalize.
adjective verbal The company operated on apractice of verbal and not written contracts.


Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

 1. Senior employees are often asked to _____ some office procedures.

(A) verbally

(B) verbalize

(C) verbal

(D) verbalizing

2. Ms. Handa was unable to express her ______ for all that her colleagues had done for her.

(A) appreciation

(B) appreciated

(C) appreciating

(D) appreciates

3. The new vacation policy will be strictly _____, and anyone who violates the policy will be reprimanded.

(A) reinforce

(B) reinforcing

(C) reinforced

(D) reinforcement

4. The______ of answering each telephone call on the third ring requires a dedicated receptionist.

(A) practices

(B) practicing

(C) practiced

(D) practice


3. Short talk

Read the following passage and write the appropriate form of the new words in the blanks below


appreciation casually madeof practices
been exposed to code  out of reinforced
brought in  glimpse outdated verbalize


How many employees show any (1) ________ for their corporate culture? How many executives appreciate what their corporate culture is and what it is (2) _______? It is often (3)_______ by the office procedures and routines that have been established over they ears.

A manager made her mark twenty years ago by dressing(4)______, there by forever changing the dress (5)______. A director bought from the competition when he ran(6)______stock and the practice soon became standard.  These examples add to a company’s culture.

 Good employees know what the standard procedures are. This is an important element in recruiting new employees, as well as training workers. When training workers, it is often important to have them read the procedures, write their reactions, and (7)______ their opinions about these practices. This promotes a sense of cooperation between those who establish the(8) _______

and those who must follow them.

Employees who have been with a company for many years may not be able to identify (9)_______ practices because they haven’t (10)_______anything else.What happens when a department needs an extra hand? Is a “temp” (11)_______, or is someone borrowed from another department? The new recruits often ask the questions that allow more senior employees to get a (12) _______ of the corporate culture.


Nếu bạn đã làm xong bài tập, đừng quên comment ngay tại đây, BU sẽ gửi đáp án luyện 600 từ vựng cho bài thi TOEIC cho bạn nha! 😀



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