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Từ vựng TOEIC theo chủ đề Events
Từ vựng TOEIC theo chủ đề Events

600 Từ Vựng TOEIC Theo Chủ Đề (35) – Events

600 từ vựng TOEIC bằng Flashcard

Chắc hẳn trong đời bạn đã từng một lần tham gia event đúng không? Giờ học 600 từ vựng TOEIC theo chủ đề qua chủ đề “Events” nè :3

Từ vựng ch đ “Events”


396 Events(Sự kiện) assist   trợ giúp
397 coordinate   phối hợp, điều phối
398 dimension   kích thước
399 exact adj. chính xác
400 general adj. tổng quát
401 ideally   lý tưởng
402 leadtime   thời gian tiến hành
403 plan   lên kế hoạch
404 proximity   sự gần
405 regulate   quy định
406 site   địa điểm
407 stage   tổ chức


Luyện nhớ 600 từ vựng cho bài thi TOEIC 

1. Short conversations 

Read the following conversations and see how the new words are used

[M] I’ve found the ideal location for out wedding reception.

[W] Will we be able to coordinate all the details?

[M] It’s exactly what we wanted, and the manager will help us with the details.


[W] We have very strict regulations about serving food and alcohol at the museum.

[M] I’m sure you do. In fact I’m surprised you’ll let us stage a reception here. 

[W] We are one of the few sites in town that will allow parties.


[M] The site staff can offer you plenty of assistance in coordination details.

[W] That’s helpful. I’m trying to plan everything in advance.

[M] It’s important to start early and have as much lead time as possible. 


[W] Do you think the dimemsions of the hall are large enough to hold your group? 

[M] We’re expecting about 5000 attendees. That’s generally the number that come. 

[W] No, this hall is too small, but there’s another in close proximity and together they could accommodate all of you.


2. Word Families 


Verb Generalize When we generalize, we must be aware of the many exceptions.
Noun General I need a general idea of what you want before I can provide specific answers.
Adjective Generally Although I can not speak for every case, generally it is less expensive to buy in quantity.


Verb Assist Let me assist you with planning your next event.
Noun Assistance Dennis’s idea of assistance is to call a professional firm for advice.
Adjective Assistant In light of the number of events she had to run this year, Annu asked her boss for an assisatant.


Verb Idealize Rhoda idealized the location until she could no longer see any flaws in it.
Noun Ideal The ideal of a perfect event within your budget is difficult, but attainable.
Adjective Ideally Ideally, the site would be within our budget and have an outdoor area.


Verb Regulate The state will regulate the food-handling precautions.
Noun Regulation Please obey the state regulations regarding serving alcohol to minors.
Adjective Regulatory Even though it is private, the country club’s kitchen is subject to the rules of regulatory agencies.



Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

 1. Do you need our ____ with any of the evening’s details?

(A) assist

(B) assisting

(C) assistance

(D) assistant

2. When the event planner saw the hotel ballroom, she knew that the size wasn’t _____, but the prices was right.

(A) ideal 

(B) ideally

(C) idealize

(D) idealist

3. Like restaurants, caterers are subject to ____ concerning safe food handling.

(A) regulate

(B) regulations

(C) regulatory

(D) regulating

4. _____ speaking, the event was poorly organized.

(A) General

(B) Generally

(C) Generality

(D) Generalizations


3. Short talk

Read the following passage and write the appropriate form of the new words in the blanks below 

Assist Exact Lead time Regulations
Coordinated General Planning Site
Dimensions Ideally Proximity Stage


Planning an event is not simple. There are hundreds of details that have to be _____, whether it is a wedding or a business conference. Early in the ____ process, you need to decide on the _____. If you know where you want to ____ the event, you should contact the site representative for an ____ description of the facility

The sfaff will provide you with information about room ____; food and beverage arrangements, including whether there are local ____ or restrictions for seerving alcoholic beverages, and required ____ for reserving the site. 

If you decide that the site is not ____ suited for your specific requirements, a guidebook will _____ you in finding an alternative setting. In considering location, you should also think about its ____ to public transportation. 

With a ____ idea of how many people will attend, and how much money you can spend, you can narrow down the available sites to the ones that best accommodate the needs of your group.


Những cụm từ nên học thêm để luyện 600 từ vựng cho bài thi TOEIC của ngày hôm nay nè 😀

  •  ideal location 
  • coordinate all the details
  • strict regulations
  • offer you plenty of assistance
  • dimemsions of the hall 
  • could  accommodate all of you
  • poorly organized


Xem thêm các Chủ đề khác tại đây 600 từ vựng TOEIC theo chủ đề.

600 từ vựng TOEIC bằng Flashcard

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