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Từ vựng TOEIC theo chủ đề Museums
Từ vựng TOEIC theo chủ đề Museums

600 Từ Vựng TOEIC Theo Chủ Đề (44) – Museums

600 từ vựng TOEIC bằng Flashcard

Bài tập về chủ đề Bảo tàng đã sẵn sàng, cùng học 600 từ vựng TOEIC theo chủ đề với BU nào \m/ 

Từ vựng ch đ “Museums”

504 Museum(Bảo tàng) acquire   giành được
505 admire   ngưỡng mộ
506 collection   bộ sưu tập
507 criticism   sự phê bình
508 express   thể hiện
509 fashion   thời trang
510 leisure   thời gian nhàn rỗi
511 respond   trả lời
512 schedule   lên lịch trình
513 significant adj. quan trọng
514 specialize   chuyên về
515 spectrum   dãy, chuỗi

Luyện nhớ 600 từ vựng cho bài thi TOEIC

1. Short conversations 

Read the following conversations and see how the new words are used

[M] The art historians say that this painting is a significant contribution to the field. Do you like it?

[W] I don’t know if I can always tell what abstract art is trying to express.

[M] Neither can I, but I admire the use of color.


[W] How will the museum staff respond to the charges that they have an insufficient number of works by minority artists?

[M] They are certainly embarrassed by the criticism.

[W] I think they should acquire a more diverse range of works.


[M] We have hired Ms. Jessup to mount an exhibit from our collection of Southesat Asian art.

[W] She’s one of the best known specialists in Southeast Asian sculpture.

[M] There’s really a board spectrum of sculpture from that region.


[W] I can’t believe how crowded it is in here. When did it become fashionable to visit the museum?

[M] Since people have more leisure time, I guess they like to spend it looking at art.

[W] I’ll have to schedule another time when it is less crowded to come.


2. Word Families 

Verb Collect The enthusiast began to collect Shaker furniture in the 1960s.
Noun Collection My parents’ collection of crystal had outgrown their dining room cupboard.
Adjective Collector The avid collector spent weekends at estate sales looking for rare art objects.


Verb Criticize The sculptor was criticized for his lack of perspective.
Noun Critic The art critic gave the show a poor review, which shaddened the exhibition team.
Adjective Criticism The writer’s elegant essays on the use of light in Flemish painting were landmarks in art criticism.


Verb Respond When Mr.Hon did not respond to the invitation to the opening, we assumed he was not able to attend.
Noun Response The response to the request for assistance was overwhelming.
Adjective Responsive The director was not responsive to any of the staff’s suggestions, which made them both annoyed and anxious.


Verb Specialize The art student decided to specialize in French and English paintings of the 1860s.
Noun Specialist The curator is a specialist in native Caribbean art.
Adjective Specialized The museum hired specialized personnel to adjust the humidity and light for the display of ancient books.


Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

1. Once Mimi begn _____ pottery, her husband gave her pieces as gifts.

(A) collection

(B) collectable

(C) collecting

(D) collector

2. The curator’s ____ of the museum’s fundraising plan seemed shortsighted.

(A) criticism

(B) critic

(C) critical

(D) criticize

3. We have been asked to ____ to the proposal by the end of the month.

(A) responsive

(B) response

(C) respond

(D) responding

4. After becoming a _____ in Egyptian tomb paiting, the art historian lost her interest in other kinds of art.

(A) specialize

(B) specialist

(C) specially

(D) special


3. Short talk

Read the following passage and write the appropriate form of the new words in the blanks below

Accquire Criticism Leisure Significant
Admire Expressing Responded Specialize
Collected Fashion Schedule Spectrum


Museums are places to view and ____ the great works of art. All large citites, and even many small cities, have good art museums in which you find a wide ____ of paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints.

Museums attempt to collect and display a board range of examples of how, throughout time, men and women have ____ to what they have seen, thought, and felt by ____ themselves through materials like stone, clay, and paint or ink and paper.

The artist imposes an order on these materials that is ____. Some styles of art or particular objects are in ____ for only a while, and others earn positive ____ over time and are seen as enduring classics. Museums collect the best of these works for the public to see.

When you go to a museum, be sure to ____ plenty of time to see the art without feeling rushed. If you are lucky enough to live near a museum, you can come back again at your ____.

Some museums show a broad collection of art from different times and cultures, often ____ and donated by their generous patrons. Other museums _____ in displaying art from a certain period, say from the ancient world; or by a certain group or nationality of people, like by Native Americans.

The operations of many museums are paid for by the government and these museums are often free to the public, other museums must charge each person upon entry. These fees help the museum operate and ____ more works.


Những cụm từ đáng học ngày hôm nay trong bài tập luyện 600 từ vựng cho bài thi TOEIC, chủ đề “Museums”

  • mount an exhibit
  •  significant contribution
  •  the use of color
  • minority artists
  •  diverse range of works
  • Southeast Asian sculpture
  • elegant essays
  • a poor review
  • criticized for his lack of perspective
  • request for assistance
  • charge each person upon entry


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600 từ vựng TOEIC bằng Flashcard

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