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Từ vựng TOEIC theo chủ đề Doctor's office
Từ vựng TOEIC theo chủ đề Doctor's office

600 Từ Vựng TOEIC Theo Chủ Đề (46) – Doctor’s office

600 từ vựng TOEIC bằng Flashcard

2 chủ đề “Doctor’s office” và “Dentist’s office” sẽ cung cấp cho bạn rất nhiều từ mới hay ho bổ sung vào 600 từ vựng TOEIC theo chủ đề 😀 

Từ vựng ch đ “Doctor’s office”

528 Doctor’s office(Phòng khám) annually   hàng năm
529 appointment   cuộc hẹn
530 assess   đánh giá
531 diagnose   chẩn đoán
532 effective adj. hiệu quả
533 instrument   dụng cụ
534 manage   xoay sở
535 prevent   ngăn ngừa
536 recommendation   lời khuyên
537 record   hồ sơ
538 refer   chỉ dẫn (ai) đến
539 serious adj. nghiêm túc


Luyện nhớ 600 từ vựng cho bài thi TOEIC

1. Short conversations 

Read the following conversations and see how the new words are used

[M] I’m glad to see that you remembered to scheduled your annual physical.

[W] I was surprised that it took so long to get an appointment.

[M] Sometimes I can manage to see patients sooner if they really need to be seen.


[W] I’m recommending that you see a specialist at the university hospital for another test.

[M] Heavens, that sounds serious. Am I okay?

[W] I often refer patients with your condition to specialists who have more experience than I do in the lastest treatment options.


[M] That instrument you just put in my ear is cold!

[W] Sorry, but it’s the best way to diagnose why you have ringing in your ears.

[M] As big as it is, I would hope it is effective.

[W] Why do you take such detailed records of your patients’ histories?

[M] By looking very carefully at their lifetime of health problems, we can better assess what is going wrong with them.

[W] I hope that means we can prevent some diseases by knowing who gets them.


2. Word Families 

Verb Assess He was able to assess her health problems with the help of her detailed medical history.
Noun Assessment The specialist’s assessment of the patient’s condition was consistent with the general practioner’s.
Adjective Assessable That medical condition is not assessable by this laboratory test.


Verb Diagnose Her symptoms are overlapping, making it difficult to diagnose the exact cause of her chest pain.
Noun Diagnosis Phil did a much better job of taking care of himself once his father had a diagnosis of lung cancer.
Adjective Diagnostic The new X-ray suite has all the latest diagnostic equipment.


Verb Prevent By stopping smoking now, you may be able to prevent lung cancer.
Noun Prevention He made a career of disease prevention through mass vaccinations.
Adjective Preventive Eloise took preventive steps against gum disease by more thorough toothbrushing.


Verb Recommend I recommend that you have this test annually starting at age 40.
Noun Recommendation Against my doctor’s recommendation, I decided to purchase the generic brand of medication.
Adjective Recommendable There is nothing particularly recommendable about this therapy over the other therapy I mentioned.


Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

1. Luckily, the test results show no ____ damage from the accident.

(A) assess

(B) assessment

(C) assessing

(D) assessable

2. This is not an easy ____ to make without the benefit of numerous test results.

(A) diagnosis

(B) diagnose

(C) diagnostic

(D) diagnosed

3. The most effective way to treat illness is to _____ it from ever occuring.

(A) prevention

(B) preventable

(C) preventing

(D) prevent

4. My doctor ____ that I carry a lighter purse to advoid back strain.

(A) recommendation

(B) recommendable

(C) recommends

(D) recommending


3. Short talk

Read the following passage and write the appropriate form of the new words in the blanks below

Annually Diagnosing Manage Record
Appointment Effective Preventing Refer
Assessment Insfruments Recommend Serious


Sooner or later, everyone needs to go to the doctor’s office. In fact, it’s in your best interest to see your doctor at least ____. The better he or she knows you and your health, the more ____ your doctor can be.

Most people need help in _____ routine medical problems they are experiencing, such as symptoms of colds and the flu, allergies, rashes, and ear aches.

Other times, people visit a doctor for help in ____ health problems from ever occurring, through lowering their risk of heart attack or stroke by dieting or exercising.

When you arrive for your ____, the doctor’s office staff will have ready a _____ of all your visits, so that the doctor has a complete reference of your health.

The visit begin with an ____ of your genereal health and a discussion of any problems that are of concern you.

The doctors may use a variety of _____ to get a closer look at you. The doctor will _____ your problem and _____ a treatment plan.

The doctor may prescribe medication, _____ you to a specialist more experienced in treating your condition, or order tests to gain more informtion. In ____ cases, he or she may send you to the hospital for care.


Những cụm từ hay BU đã thu lượm trong bài luyện học 600 từ vựng cho bài thi TOEIC hôm nay nà: :3

  • detailed records
  • prevent some diseases
  • scheduled your annual physical
  • get an appointment
  • consistent with
  • assess her health problems
  • medical history
  • taking care of himself
  • had a diagnosis of lung cancer
  • made a career of disease
  • took preventive steps against gum disease
  • doctor’s recommendation
  • recommendable about


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600 từ vựng TOEIC bằng Flashcard

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