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600 từ vựng cho bài thi TOEIC 47

600 Từ Vựng TOEIC Theo Chủ Đề (48) – Health Insurance

600 từ vựng TOEIC bằng Flashcard

Sau khi học xong 2 chủ đề về phòng khám, chúng ta sẽ tới bài “Health insurance” nhe :3 Trời ơi BU phấn khích quá đi, hành trình học 600 từ vựng TOEIC theo chủ đề đã gần hết rồi <3 

Từ vựng ch đ “Health insurance”

552 Health insurance(Bảo hiểm sức khỏe) allow   cho phép
553 alternative adj. thay thế
554 aspect   khía cạnh, mặt
555 concern   sự lo ngại
556 emphasize   nhấn mạnh
557 incur   gánh chịu
558 personnel   nhân viên
559 policy   chính sách
560 portion   phần chia
561 regardless   bất chấp
562 salary   tiền lương
563 suit   hợp với

Luyện nhớ 600 từ vựng cho bài thi TOEIC

1. Short conversations 

Read the following conversations and see how the new words are used

[M] Does the health plan allow me to see a specialist immediately, or do I have to see my primary care provider first?

[W] If you go without your primary care provider’s referral, you will incur a higher percentage of the total costs.

[M] So, I would pay an increased portion of the bill.


[W] I’m not happy about being forced to switch to an alternative health plan. I like the traditional plan.

[M] Come on, some of the new benefits of  the new policy are great. We get a cash payback if we stay with a gym for a year as part of the perventive health program.

[W] I’ll have to admit I like that aspect of the plan.


[M] With all these choices, it’s hard to pick the most suitable coverage for my family.

[W] Does your salary determine the cost of your insurance premium?

[M] I don’t know, but I want the best care, regardless of the cost.


[W] We hope you choose us as your company’s health care provider, since we place an emphasis on the patient, not the cost.

[M] Our company needs a policy that will appeal to all of our personnel.

[W] I appreciated your concerns and I’m sure we can satisfy all of your personnel’s needs.


2. Word Families 

Verb Allow The insurance policy did not allow multiple perscription refills.
Noun Allowance The policy is liberal in its allowance for optometry services.
Adjective Allowable A maximum of two dental visits is allowable under the plan.


Verb Alternate We alternate turns in taking the kids to the doctor.
Noun Alternative Our medical insurance was too expensive, so we sought a cheaper alternative.
Adjective Alternatively Alternatively, we could just stop having health insurance, but that’s not my favorite option.


Verb Emphasize The plan representative emphasized the need for a second medical opinion.
Noun Emphasis The emphasis of the health plan is on staying well.
Adjective Emphatic Hassan made an emphatic appeal to the medical insurance director.


Verb Suit I’m dropping by my health plan because it does not suit my needs.
Noun Suitable Not every kind of health insurance is suitable for every family.
Adjective Suitably The errors on my insurance statement were caught and suitably fixed.


Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

1. You should investigage to see if there are any _____ to costly hospital stays.

(A) alternate

(B) alternatively

(C) alternatives

(D) alternating

2. Office policy does not ____ employees to leave the office for medical appointments

(A) allow

(B) allowing

(C) allowable

(D) allowance

3. I’m really pleased that my health plan provider is paying for my gym membership as a way to ____ its concern for my health.

(A) emphasis

(B) emphasize

(C) emphatic

(D) emphasizing

4. The employee’s goal is to find her family ____ health coverage.

(A) suit

(B) suitable

(C) suitably

(D) suitability


3. Short talk

Read the following passage and write the appropriate form of the new words in the blanks below

Allow Concerns Personnel Regardless
Alternatives Emphasize Policy Salary
Aspect Incurs Portion Suitable


The cost and availability of health insurance is one of the greatest _____ of company ______. A covered employee should be familiar with the terms and conditions of the insurance _____.

Although the insured pays a _____ of the cost of his or her coverage through ____ deductions, the employer generally covers most of the cost.

Self-employed persons can arrange for their own insurance or join an association of those performing similar work in order to get lower premiums.

Traditionally, the insurance carrier will _____ most of the charges related to medical care, although the insured might be responsible for a small portion.

Although the company or association negotiates the most _____ terms they can, most experts ____ that employees should be on the lookout for ____ that might better suit their needs.

_____ of the cost premiums, the most important _____ of good health insurance is that if meets the needs of the insured and _____ the least possible cost for necessary procedures.


Tóm tắt lại các cụm từ nên học trong bài tập 600 từ vựng cho bài thi TOEIC hôm nay:

  • to alternate turn in taking the kids to the doctor
  • medical insurance
  • to stop having health insurance
  • to dropp by my health plan
  • suit my needs
  • be suitable for


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600 từ vựng TOEIC bằng Flashcard

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